Grow on twitter / 𝕏 by Replying more

An extension that let's you track how much you're replying vs time spent on the app, set a daily goal to gamify the experience, filter early popular posts so that your replies get viewed

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Set a goal and achieve it

Starting out on twitter can seem like talking to a wall. It's hard to stay consistant and motivated. ReplyMore allows you to set a daily goal that you try to reach. This will motivate you to reply more and gamify the experience

See how trending the tweets are

While replying to your followers that have 20 followers is great, it's not going to help you grow. ReplyMore allows you to see how trending the tweets are so you can reply to the tweets that are going to help you grow.


Filter tweets on your timeline

You can filter tweets on your timeline by the views, comments and time. So that you won't waste your time replying on tweets that no one will see

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What users think.

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Software Contractor

Just installed! It's a great feature, blends in nicely with twitter's aesthetic. It's useful having it up in the corner so that it's not getting in the way, but also great for keeping track of things quickly with just a glance. I responded to someone's post and it updated instantly which is really nice. I'll keep trying it out, I think it's definitely what I need for building up a twitter following - I'll give you a 5 star review. Congrats on the launch!

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Looks like just what I needed 😂

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Saw the video on the other post, very nice how it integrates! It’s looking nice

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this tool is getting better every day

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I like the concept, it's original!

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UI/UX Designer

I’m using TweetMore daily. It has helped me be more intentional posting and replying vs infinite scrolling